Intuition is a mighty powerful beast. Just ask Canadian-born Sean Alan: approaching his work with an individual sensitivity, the talented woodworker lets his instincts lead the way in his collection of walnut and red oak wood home-wares and bespoke furniture. We sat down with Sean and had a chat about his passions and his work.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do?

Well My name is Sean, I was born in the North, I love all animals and the color purple. I moved to NYC about 10 years ago working in fashion, during my time here my interest has progressed into designing and building things out of wood.  

Furniture design/making isn’t something people commonly get in to, what’s your background and how did this became your passion, and ultimately job?  

As a child i was always somewhat handy, but ultimately It all started when I had down time in NYC and decided to open a restaurant, a really small one (12 seats), with a friend. The concept was to build everything in it out of reclaimed and salvaged wood from Bushwick, the restaurant's neighborhood, that's when it all came together. 

In your creative process what comes first - the materials or the design idea?

That is tough to say. Sometimes i look at a piece of wood and get the idea. Some other times I’m just laying in bed and start coming up with different ideas.  

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What would you say are your main influences when conceiving a piece of work?


How do you choose your materials?

Usually is what pleases my eye.  

What part of the process excites you the most?

Each piece's development and putting that puzzle together; and then applying that first coat of oil.

You live in Brooklyn, NY. Are there any elements of New York/Brooklyn that inspire you?

Hahaha, no, honestly not.

What advice do you have for someone that wants to get in to furniture making?

For sure my advice would be: W.T.F. - Watch Those Fingers!

Check more works at www.seanalandesigns.com

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