How does it work?


We want to get to know you, so that we can begin our unique matching process. It’s our belief that clients and designers work best when they’re on the same wavelength, so feel free to share as much (or as little) as you like in order for us to find someone who really gets your vibe.



After we’ve paired you with one of our top designers, they will show up on your doorstep (home or office) for a one-hour free consultation. Remember… this creative, talented mind is there just for you. Now is the time to really explore what you want. Need color scheme advice? Have questions about key pieces? Want help re-envisioning the entire space? Lean on your personal designer and let them see (and ultimately share) your vision/needs. If things don’t go exactly like you planned, no worries! We can find someone else who is more your style. The goal of this meeting is for the designer to leave completely in tune with you and for you to leave completely thrilled about changing things up. There’s also no pressure if you feel like you don’t want to continue at all. Sometimes a quick second opinion is all you need.

GET a proposal

Not the marrying kind, but now that your designer really knows what you want, you might consider it. After evaluating the size and difficulty of the project, he or she will share with you the estimated number of hours for project completion. We charge an hourly rate for our designers ($99 per hour), which you can pay directly online. You have the option of choosing how many hours of the project you want completed (hours can be purchased in 5 hour increments). You are in complete control not only of your project and budget, but also of all the time you’re saving having someone else spruce up your life. Once you’ve decided and given your designer the go ahead… let the renovations begin!



A brand new first home

WHO: A young professional moving into his first home, looking to blend existing furniture with new pieces while achieving a grown up aesthetic.

WHERE: New York, USA

WHAT: Living and Dining, Bedroom, and Bathroom update.

HOW: Using a combination of new and existing pieces, a personalized gallery wall, and updating tiles in the bathroom, settled our client right in his first home.

BUDGET: $1000/$12000


Budget breakdown

Space Planning 4HRS

Furniture Sourcing 16HRS

Getting Samples 2HRS

Design Boards 2HRS

In-Person Meetings 3HRS

Styling 2HRS

Building Budget 2HRS

Finishing Sources 2HRS

Accessories Sourcing 5HRS

Email/Phone Support 5HRS

Purchasing 2HRS