Our On-Line Service is a fast, fun way for clients to work with one of our designers without committing to the full design service and it’s the perfect bridge to clients based in cities that are not yet covered by Stag Pads services. All the shopping is done online and sent to you as a shopping list, making getting pieces as easy as clicking the mouse on your computer.

The design fee for the online service is based on square footage:

  • Single Room - €150
  • Small Apartment (25sqm - 50sqm) - €250
  • Medium Apartment (51sqm - 75sqm) - €350
  • Big Apartment/Villa (76sqm >) - €450     

(The above fees are intended for the design only and do not include furniture)


How does it work?

Choose a package and Fill out the questionnaire

We will start designing an exclusive and custom made plan

You will receive: the moodboard, the space plan and the shopping list