#2 Hanging generic art on your wall

Art is one of the most important things in the final look of any space. Think of it like a nice pair of shoes, a hat, or a great watch, that goes to complete and elevate your entire look. After working for a bit over a year here in Czech Republic I could not help but notice art is one of the most undervalued things when putting together an apartment.

What does "generic art" mean exactly? In this post I will show you the most common examples of bad generic art that you can easily avoid, and then will suggest great alternatives for that same style.

So, where to start?


We like at times some typography thrown in the mix in a gallery wall, but do we need to hang on the walls constant reminders that the beach life is great, or that we should watch the sunset? No, i don't think so. 

So what's the secret for doing typography right? I think they can be a lovely way to remind yourself of something – as long as it’s poignant, funny or compelling in SOME WAY. A good rule of thumb would be if it makes you smile or makes you think, then it’s worthy for the walls. But if it’s just a random quote or word… maybe skip it.

Here some we love:

(clockwise) 1. ETSY "HA" photo print, from €18 / SCHOOLHOUSE "Ask More Questions" print, €94 / SCHOOLHOUSE "Work Hard" print, €265 / URBAN OUTFITTERS "It's Ok" banner, €85


The Tour Eiffel, Time Square, the Big Ben... It's something that belong on the walls of your college room rather than in your grown up apartment. There are so many outlets for good photo prints at affordable prices. Try to pick something interesting that can stimulate a reaction, a feeling of some sort.

Here some good and affordable options:


(clockwise) MINTED "Going for a Swim", from €20 / GREY MALIN "St. Tropez Nude Beach Vertical", from €235 / TAPPAN "Nike", from €104 / QUEEN FOR DINNER "Roll With Me", from €28


I know we often hung print of paintings in our projects but there is something extra cheesy about a print of a masterpiece that everyone knows is a print. There are some exceptions though, if you have, for example, a vintage poster of a gallery opening or one of a famous work being re-shown then that’s ok. But if it’s just a cheap print of a old-world master? Just take it and kiss it goodbye.

So what do you buy instead? Hone in on what you loved about that particular piece – that could mean that it’s a pretty landscape, a calming floral or an interesting portrait. A print of a super famous work feels redundant and reductive, whereas a print of a lovely contemporary painting feels fresh and respectful. 

Here below for example of art done well:

If you want to shop for art but nothing above tickles your fancy, then stay tuned because we are about to make a big announcement next week!